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Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven

PreHistorisch Dorp

161b Boutenslaan
5644 TV Eindhoven

Experience the past at the preHistorisch Dorp
The past comes to life at the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven. During the Dutch national days of archaeology on 16 June 2024, historical inhabitants from prehistoric times until the late Middle Ages will take you on a trip back in time. It’s looking to be an amazing journey of discovery. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly run into a Viking or meet a hunter from the hunter’s camp. Enjoy their stories and taste the atmosphere of the olden days. You can also do a lot yourself during your visit: from starting a fire without matches up to baking a bread over a fire. And how are your skills at shooting with bow and arrow?


You can discover how archaeologists work and which technological innovations allow specialists to research in even more detail nowadays at the ArcheoFactory of the preHistorisch Dorp. Here, you can be a real archaeologist for a moment. What story can a find tell us? You will discover all about what you can find during a dig using the latest archaeological techniques and how this brings the stories in our museum to life.


General public

Discovery tour

Experimental archaeology
This museum revolves around experimental archaeology: the science that tests archaeological theories in practice by recreating and using things. Most of the buildings in the museum have been built this way. Regional archaeological finds teach us very much about how people used to live. If you want to know all about history and the museum and get an answer to all of your questions, participate in the guided tour. It starts at the medieval market square every day.


General public