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Świętokrzyskie, Chęciny

The Royal Castle in Chęciny

Fee requiredFriday 16 June, Saturday 17 June, Sunday 18 June

26-060 Chęciny, ul. Małogoska 7, POLAND

The Royal Castle in Chęciny was built on a rocky hill top (9367 mamsl) at the turn of XIII and XIV century. The first references to the castle appear in Władysław the Short’s document from the year 1306.
Currently, the castle in Chęciny is one of the most visited heritage site of that type in Poland. Huge bastilles dominate in the area and are visible from the road leading to Cracow. The circle of the outer defensive walls, the two towers, the bastille and the foundation of the residential buildings are fully preserved up to now. In the eastern tower there is an observation point and when the weather is nice, the summits of Tatra Mountains are visible.



Weekend with Archeology in the Chęciny Castle

The event will be held under the slogan: "Weekend with archeology at the Castle in Chęciny". The entire action will consist in presenting the revitalization process of the Royal Castle in Chęciny in the form of an photo exhibition, with particular emphasis on the archaeological researches conducted at that time. The researches became a milestone for our facility in learning about the history of the stronghold, thanks to which, e.g. a hitherto unknown tower from the reign of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia. The photos will present the results of research and all archaeological objects that have been discovered, both in the Upper and Lower Castles. It is estimated that on the weekends of the full season, and this includes the month of June, about 4-5 thousand people come to our facility. tourists, so the group of recipients will be large. Fun will be prepared also for children. It will consist in the fact that children will discover fake elements (looking like original ones) from under the sand, like a professional archaeologist.

20.00 PLN, There are discounted rates

Sunday 18 June de 10:00 à 18:00

Saturday 17 June de 10:00 à 18:00

Friday 16 June de 10:00 à 18:00

Children, Family, Adults, General public, Schoolchildren

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Primary, Secondary school (11-15 years), Secondary school (15 years and up)

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